Client Testimonials

Client testimonials, with regard to recent client project deliverables.

I am happy to discuss the scope, context, strategy objectives and outcomes with regard to each mandate.


November 10, 2020, Yo was a client of Clive’s

“Clive is structured, pragmatic and insightful. I engaged Clive to help me flesh out a complex financial model for a SaaS marketplace start-up. Working with Clive enabled me to challenge and validate my assumptions and to ensure my model made objective commercial sense. Clive brings considerable commercial experience, and I enjoyed his direct communication style and can-do attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending Clive to anyone looking for a straight-talking entrepreneurial finance professional.”


Stephen Watson

Managing Director Discover Digital (Pty) Limited & Director Discover Digital International Limited

July 23, 2020, Stephen was a client of Clive’s

“Clive is an exceptional business development executive and strategist. If you need a business model developed, need to test and redesign your current model, expand and build a new business unit, enhance your business plan or build a new one, I could not recommend a more competent professional. Clive deep dives into your strategy, plays devils advocate with your thinking, benchmarks your plan against market research and your targeted competition, suggest additions you may not of considered and builds/writes your business plan and financial models of a standard that you would be proud to present to prospective investors, your board and shareholders. Please message me if you would like more detail and a reference.”

‘Moshe Adir’


November 5, 2019, ‘Moshe worked with Clive but at different companies

“Myself and my teams have had the privilege on a few occasions to work with Clive on some exciting and diverse internet related projects. After every project I walk away with a wealth of knowledge due to Clive’s wide scope of business and project management skills. Clive is great at structuring an operation and having a deep understanding of all the financial nuances on each project. It is refreshing to work with an ethical business mind that can dive into marketing, analytics and product innovation. I look forward to the opportunity of working with Clive Angel again in the future”

Errol Hurwitz

Consulting Chief Financial Officer

October 27, 2019, Errol was a client of Clive’s

“ Clive is a hard working and diligent person with a sharp mind. He has guided me in running a team of 200 people. His input has been invaluable!”

David Mashilo

Communications Officer at MERC Research Inc

April 24, 2019, Clive was a client of David’s

Having worked with Clive Angel, I must say that he is one of the most detailed people I have ever come across, he is open to new ideas, and he adds great value to discussions and plans. I have consulted with large organizations and I must say that working with Clive Angel has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have learned a lot from him personally, and believe that he is a great asset to everyone around him. As detailed and professional as he is, I think his best attribute is his level of humility, you hardly find someone of his intellect and his achievements balancing both, and yet he has done it well, so kudos to Clive for that and more.

Uli Shackermann

Member of Chartered Accountants Interim Managers at Chartered Accountants Ireland Interim Managers

February 13, 2010, Uli was senior to Clive but didn’t manage directly

During his three years of traineeship at Grant Thornton I worked with Clive in a numer of assignments. His diligence and hi attention to the work in hand were impressive; I enjoyed his commitment to the task, his desire t deliver the best and found him to be a great team player.

Kuldip Clair

Venture Capital/Private Equity

April 16, 2010, Clive worked with Kuldip in the same group

Clive is a highly professional investment executive with a proven track record and has been a pleasure to work with in recent years. He has a great enthusiasm for entrepreneurialism with a sound ability to comprehend the dynamics and complexities confronting owner managers in their business environment. Clive is able extrapolate beyond the financial detail and methodical in appraising the wider business issues. He is able to add value at all stages of the corporate life cycle and implement business enhancing solutions at board level. Moreover, Clive is personable with a positive outlook, and has a can-do attitude to get things done whilst being an inspiring team player

Charlie Snell

Director of Rethink Marketing

October 23, 2009, Clive worked with Charlie in the same group

Good man is Clive Angel. He has a very clear mind for sorting the wheat from the chaff, and is focused on what he does. I was particularly impressed with some deals he negotiated with some large portals owned by national newspapers, initiating agreements with multiple levels of incentive and commission. Would be happy to work with Clive again! 


Johnny Morris

Global CMO / Retail Marketing Director. Working with luxury and fashion brands I love.

September 27, 2009, Johnny worked with Clive but at different companies

Clive is a great guy to know. He has a powerful network of contacts and made some valuable introductions for me over the years and for this, I am very grateful.


Rupert Morley

Chairman & CEO

May 13, 2009, Rupert managed Clive directly

Clive is a highly creative and energetic colleague who achieves excellent results and is a pleasure to work with.

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