Interim CFO

Qualified Chartered Accountant

Financial management, strategic modelling, and commercial monetisation in SME &  growth businesses.

Interim CFO Consultancy – Connexive Limited

Oversight of the entire finance function including financial operations and modelling, pre-and-post deal structuring and commercial implementation.

I work with entrepreneurial CEOs and executive management teams of growth-focused SMEs to restructure, streamline and introduce efficiencies to the finance function aimed at delivering robust financial performance, in-depth operational analysis, and cash flow optimisation.

Past Client Mandates Include:

Strategic Financial Management |  Enamel Dental Group  |  Mykagami  |  Discover Digital

  • Origination, Implementation, and Execution of a detailed business plan & financial model, metrics & assumptions to inform the business strategy for a new venture

Strategic CFO and Business Development advisor to the executive team of Renergen

  • I managed the execution of all Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) listing requirements. Notably, compiling regulatory, compliance, and pre-listing financial information in collaboration with the listing attorneys and reporting accountants.
  • I facilitated the investor roadshow and the execution of a successful capital raising. Including, the preparation of a financial due diligence pack in concert with the CEO. Consequently, we launched, Renergen Limited on the JSE.
  • I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the interim CFO function leading up to and post the JSE listing.

Strategic Business Advisor and Board Director Amalgamated Electronic Corporation Limited |

  • I was responsible for executing the buy-out of a controlling equity stake by an investor consortium that I introduced to the transaction. Additionally, my mandate included the structure and implementation of the commercial transaction on behalf of the investor consortium. In particular, negotiating a securitised debt facility and mezzanine funding.
  • My duties as a Non-Executive board director covered sharing strategic financial and commercial insights with the CEO and management team.
  • Together with, the CEO’s input, I restructured the financial function, recruiting a commercial CFO to join the board.
  • I contributed to the financial and business development strategy focused on driving increased product monetisation.

Strategic Commercial Development reporting to the CEO and COO of Avacare Health |

  • I supported the Chief Operating Officer of Avacare in developing a corporate development strategy. Chiefly, strategising financial performance metrics and benchmarks.
  • A key deliverable of mine involved advising on enhancing growth in Gross Margin. Coupled with, the implementation of a commercial development strategy.
  • I further assisted the COO in developing meaningful reporting structures both for the board and management team covering operational performance across multiple countries and group entities,

Monetisation | Strategic Commercial development.

I have developed several core strengths in my role as a Chartered Accountant CA(SA) focused on delivering monetisation strategies for management teams and small business owners.  Namely, setting and measuring Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s) to align deliverables and to motivate team performance. In addition, setting Key Performance Measures (KPI’s) to analyse financial outcomes. Equally important, I have honed my knowledge of cash management strategies to optimise growth. Moreover, through my various engagements, I have acquired a solid appreciation for the liquidity and commercial challenges faced by growth businesses.

Understanding the economics and metrics that drive digital business

For an inspiring and highly insightful course, I recommend  digital-business-strategy-online-short-course

I believe, my stand-out value add is as a creative problem solver and out-of-the-box thinker. Together with, a passion for the digital platform and SAAS landscape. Furthermore, I excel in originating commercial opportunities and redesigning business processes. Specifically, to accelerate sustainable growth in revenue and cash flow.

Interactions and personal development

My inspiration comes from working in teams that encourage a voice for all members irrespective of their role or title. In this regard, I enjoy interactions across business functions as well as with 3rd party providers and customers. Consequently, I aspire to a culture that advocates, trust, inclusivity, collaboration, and learning from failure.

For additional learnings and insights gained  www.cliveangel/learnings

I set up an advisory and consultancy entity,  to facilitate the execution of project work, interim assignments and contract work for relevant clients please refer to Connexive Limited